Extra yummy orzo soup with sausage, tomato, and cabbage. 

Saturday, 9 November 2021


For this plate, you will need:

orzo or any other small pasta (in Greece, we love orzo, which is the favorite pasta of kids)

❤ a medium-sized sausage (preferably a spicy one). I used black pig sausages, which do not have much grease.  Do not use much sausage or sausage with heavy taste, spoiling this dish's light taste. 

Cabbage leaves. 

Olive oil (extra virgin)

Parmesan cheese (cut into big chunks)

Tomato purée or paste

❤ One small onion

Vegetable stock

Black pepper (freshly ground) and chilli peppers (or chilli paste)

Yogurt (Greek style) or sour cream, and parsley for decoration.

...and remember: we do not care about quantities. The secret about my recipes is: "no measuring", put as much as you fancy! 

Orzo, onion & cabbage.

Orzo, onion & cabbage.

Sausage, parmesan cheese & tomato paste.

Sausage, parmesan cheese & tomato paste.

Pepper, Olive oil (extra virgin), chilli peppers paste, Greek yogurt and dry cranberries.

Pepper, Olive oil (extra virgin), chilli peppers paste, Greek yogurt and dry cranberries.


👍 Chop the onion and the cabbage leaves. Put them in a pot and add some water. Bring it to a boil till all ingredients are very soft (5-7 min). Alternatively, put some olive oil in the pot instead of water and cook till they get a nice brown color. 

👍 While the onion and the cabbage leaves boil, peel the sausage to remove its skin and cut it into thin slices. 

👍 Cut the parmesan cheese into chunks.

👍 Put some extra boiling water into the pot.

👍 Finally, put the orzo and all the other ingredients into the boiling pot: olive oil, tomato puree, pepper, chillis, vegetable stock, parmesan cheese, and sliced sausage.

👍 If you want to add a sweet taste to your soup, add some dry cranberries.

👍 Leave the soup to simmer till orzo (pasta) is ready.  The orzo should not be eaten "al dente" like other paste, so simmer it till it is very soft, like risotto. Poor extra boiling water in the pot, from time to time, so the soup does not become too thick. 

👍 Put the pasta into the plates, add a spoonful of yogurt on top of the soup, and sprinkle some parsley on the plates.  It gives extra taste and color.

And as Julia Child would say: "Bon Appetite!"

"Bon Appetite!"

...et voilà !

...et voilà !

P.S. Two weeks after I cooked this dish, I made some variations concerning the ingredients added. 

Instead of using:

- ordinary orzo, I used "multicolored" orzo, which means orzo with vegetables that give to it several colors and a distinct flavor;

- sausage, I used baked ham;

- plain cow yogurt, I used the real one: traditional sheep yogurt.

The result was more fancy, but equally tasty with that made following the traditional recipe.

Vegetable orzo.

Vegetable orzo.


The "multicolor variation" ingredients.

The colorful result is equally ....yummy!

The colorful result is equally ....yummy!


09.01.2021 21:46


It looks so tasty....I will try it!

09.01.2021 17:26


I love orzo. I will cook your recipe tomorrow!