In early 2010 milk bars were seen to make a comeback. They became small, inexpensive restaurants that took advantage of welfare state nostalgia, while providing good quality food and customer service.

Some people prefer milk bars over fast-food restaurants because of the homemade-style food and low prices. Currently every city neighborhood has at least one "milk bar". They are popular among the elderly, students, tourists and working class.  Besides, capitalism has not favored working class much, has it?  They are generally looked down upon by other social classes, but as they become fashionable, more “posh” milk bars appear.

While in Krakow, we were lucky to have a milk bar, “Milkbar Tomasza”, next to our hotel and we had breakfast there quite often.  The place is very popular among locals and tourists and if you want to find a seat (rather than a table) you better go there early.  A couple of times, it happened to us not to find a table for breakfast. This is a self-service place and serves the best “Irish breakfast” (English breakfast?). Coffee is also good as well as the omelets.


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What a great adventure.

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The first time I read such an interesting review on Krakow.